Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Lisa and Adam-July 17, 2010

We don't even know where to begin with Lisa and Adams wedding! Lisa never left out a detail.  She did an amazing job planning her dream wedding.

The wedding took place at Adams parents house.  They had a beautiful yard, which made creating a dream wedding easy.  There was a very unique bathroom area, complete with a vanity area for the ladies to fix their hair and make up.  The front yard had an amazing cocktail area set with lounge furniture, bar tables, and a massive custom made bar surrounding a willow tree.

The ceremony took place in the back yard, with custom made backdrops, stage, and so much more.  Guests were seated in beautiful white bamboo chairs.  Lisa was a breath taking beauty.  She actually brought a tear to our eyes!  The ceremony was something out of a dream.

The reception was next to the ceremony in a tent.  Again, Lisa had a vision that was in full detail.  The wedding was all white with punches of lime green and black.  She had a custom made chandelier that hung over the very unique harvest table (head table).

Storm Carroll was the photographer for this wedding, and he couldn't have been more of a perfect fit.  He took some very creative shots.

Here are some shots of the details of this wedding:

Janice and Ross-August 8, 2010

This wedding was beautifully set at the Norwester, one of our favourite places for weddings.  Janice looked absolutely stunning in a dress that looked like it was made for her.  Janice and Ross glowed as the gorgeous, outdoor wedding begun.

The ceremony started with the cutest flower girls walking down the aisle, giggling and smiling.  There was no way you couldn't smile along.  The ceremony was short and sweet, and exactly what Janice and Ross pictured.

The reception was beautifully decorated.  Janice was a very easy bride.  She was flexible with what she wanted, and gave us full creative powers.  Together, we pulled off a beautiful set reception!  Janice had just one thing she wanted for her wedding.  Her very own contemporary dancers-Just like "So you think you can dance"! It was one of the hardest tasks ever set for us.

Audition after audition, we found the most perfect dancers!  They danced to three songs, which gave me chills down my body! I can not say enough good things about these dancers.

Patrick from Patrick Chondon Photography, did an amazing job with capturing memorable shots for the couple.

Overall, the wedding was a huge success! We wish Janice and Ross all the best on their new life together!

To see more shots of the wedding, please check out

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Our New Office...Coming SOON!

We have been wanting our very own space to hold our client meetings in for quite some time, but have never had the option or space.  Well that's about to change!

We will be opening our home office within the next month or two (depending on how long it takes me to figure out paint selections!).  Stay tuned for more info...

Monday, July 19, 2010

Therese and Neil

We can't say enough good things about Therese and Neil's gorgeous Whitefox Inn wedding. The ceremony was held in a tent, and even though it poured rain, it was still a beautiful ceremony. Details were not spared in this wedding. The tent was filled with beautiful fresh flower pots, and crisp white garden chairs.

The reception was held inside the Whitefox. The tables were nicely decorated with steel blue table runners, and rock filled centerpeices. Nothing can compare to their very unique wedding cake!

We had an amazing time at this wedding. Therese and Neil absoultely glowed the whole day, and made everyone around them smile.

We wanted to send a huge thank you to Alan Dickson, who did an amazing job shooting this wedding. He captured some amazing shots that will be forever cherished.

Monday, May 24, 2010


We would like to introduce the newest addition to our team, Nadine Johnson. Nadine got into the event planning industry by organizing a variety of events from graduation celebrations to charity fundraisers for the past few years. Her first experience with coordinating weddings is by planning her very own wedding which will be held here in October in Thunder Bay. What normally takes brides months or sometimes years to plan, Nadine completed within two weeks.

Nadine is currently working on her IWPP certification through QC School of Wedding Planning and her background in Human Resources enhances her ability to build professional relationships with clients, colleagues and vendors. Nadine is looking forward to helping couples plan their special day, and with her enthusiasm, and attention to detail she will surely exceed your expectations. You can count on her to treat your wedding with the same amount of focus as her own. With her amazing organizational skills and work ethic she will ensure that your wedding will be a smooth and memorable one. Being both a Bride and a Planner has taught her to be prepared for any situation, always be one step ahead and have a solution to every challenge.

We are so thrilled to have her apart of the business! We hope you all love her as much as we do!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Nancy and Dan

We wanted to send out a huge welcome to Nancy and Dan who have invited us to be apart of their upcoming wedding! Although we aren't able to be their on the actual wedding day, we will work with them on planning their romantic, rustic outdoor wedding.

Nancy and Dan are seriously adorable. They absoutely glow when they talk about their wedding day. They're planning to be married on Lake shabandowon at the wilderness camp. Nancy, not being from thunder bay, really wanted her family to truely experience the north and it's beauty. The reception will have a green theme with a rustic feel. Even though we aren't able to attend the day of activities, we will be there Friday night to help set up the beautiful wedding site.

We are truely blessed to have met this couple and we wish them all the best!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Welcome, Lisa and Adam!

We're so thrilled to announce that Lisa and Adam have chosen us to be apart of their wedding day! They're going to be married on July 17, 2010 at Adams mothers house in the country.

 They're having an all white wedding party, who will also have small punches of lime green!  The ladies are going to look fabulous walking down the aisle carrying umbrellas in their white summer dresses, and lime green shoes! The wedding is a mix of "casual summer garden beachy meets vogue", as Lisa puts it.  The decor is all white with small punches of lime green and black. They aren't having your everyday head table either.  Instead, they opted for a "harvest table" that will sit 22 guests in the centre of the reception.  Dangling beautifully over the harvest table will be a large crystal chandelier. The reception tables are also square to create a modern reception.They are also planning to have a funky cocktail area set up for guests. 

Lisa and Adam have done an amazing job planning their dream wedding.  They have a fabulous vision and great ideas for their unique wedding.  We couldn't be more happy to be apart of their celebrations.

10 Questions You Didn't Know To Ask

I just read this on TheKnot and thought I'd share!

After a few months of wedding planning, you start to feel like a pro. You've already memorized all the in-season flowers, can name the top 20 wedding dress designers alphabetically and are on a first-name basis with every single member on staff at your reception venue. Still, there's bound to be a couple of questions that you forgot to ask. Let us help fill it in for you.

1. When should I take off my veil after the ceremony?

Everyone loves to talk about the veil, but nobody tells you exactly when to ditch it. While it's perfectly okay to wear the veil for the entire reception, there are two optimal times to take it off. The first is after the ceremony (have your hairstylist show a bridesmaid how to do this without messing up your 'do), and the second is after the first dance while your guests are eating. Once the veil's off, stick it in your bridal suite or have it "decorate" your chair.

2. How should our wedding party travel to the reception?

We bet you and your groom planned a perfect ceremony exit where you hop into a vintage Rolls-Royce and ride off to the reception. That sounds great, but yes, you're responsible for getting your wedding party there too. If you're going casual and want them to simply drive over, let everyone know this beforehand so they can carpool. Otherwise, rent a stretch limo, go vintage with a trolley or let them be kids again by cruising in a budget-friendly school bus -- of course, feel free to tag along for the ride!

3. Do I really need someone to hold my dress while I pee?

This depends on the dress. If you're wearing a full-length ball gown, you'll probably need an extra set of hands to help hold up the skirt while you do your thing. Trust us -- the cost versus the benefit on this is a no-brainer. But if you're sporting a silk sheath and a posse pee makes you cringe, go ahead and handle your own business. Another tip: There's a pee-ready Spanx designed with a hole in, well, just the right place. We'll stay classy and resist the oh-so-obvious dirty joke opportunity here.

4. Is there an appropriate way to kiss at the ceremony?

Remember the day he proposed, and you saw the ring and the tears in his eyes, and then you two started making out like maniacs? Yeah, don't do that. But your first kiss as a married couple doesn't have to be just a peck either. Do what comes naturally, as long as it doesn't involve visible tongue and last more than 10 seconds. Oh, and don't do the dip thing either -- unless of course you want to look like you belong in a Hugh Grant movie.

5. What exactly do the bride and groom do during the cake cutting?

The cake cutting typically takes place after dinner when your bandleader or DJ makes an announcement (you can also do this). If you have older guests who might be leaving early, do your cake cutting at the beginning of the reception just before the first dance. For the first cut, your groom's hands are placed over yours as you cut into the bottom layer of the cake. The groom makes the second cut solo and feeds the bride, and then it's your turn.

6. Where do I put my engagement ring during the ceremony?

Wear the ring on your right hand or have your aunt or grandma hold it. If you want to wear your engagement ring for the reception, put it on during the ride to your venue or just before being announced. For Jewish weddings, it's fine to wear your engagement ring, and then exchange stone-free wedding bands if you want to keep with tradition. Also remember: The band is usually worn closest to your heart on your left hand.

7. Who lifts my veil?

While more and more brides are wearing a veil flipped back for the entire ceremony or not wearing one at all, the most traditional bride still wears a veil over her face. If you like to keep things classic, there are two options. One is your dad lifts the veil when he gives you away, "revealing" you to the groom (like you really need help with that one). The other is for the groom to lift the veil just before the kiss.

8. What side are we supposed to stand on during the ceremony?

If you're in a church facing the altar, the bride stands on the left side and the groom on the right. Guests of the bride and groom should follow suit, sitting on the side of whoever they know best or are related to (hint: tell mutual friends to sit on the side that has less people). For Jewish ceremonies, it's the opposite.

9. What's the best way to greet guests if I don't want a receiving line?

Yeah, we get it -- you don't want to stand around after the ceremony in an assembly line. Instead, greet your guests during the reception by going from table to table during the first course. Just make sure you have time to eat too! Also, make a short speech thanking guests for coming and give a shout-out to vendors and parents (or anyone else who helped pay for your wedding!). While this moment with the mic shouldn't take the place of personal interaction with guests, it can be a great forum to let them know how much their support means to you.

10. Can I take my shoes off at any time during the reception?

We've all been to the wedding where guests cut loose on the dance floor and ditch the heels. But it's a little different when you're the bride -- especially if you're wearing a formal dress. Instead of going barefoot, bring a pair of flats for dancing. If you're getting married in the summer, have baskets of flip-flops in your wedding colors for your guests to slip into before they get down. There's one exception to the shoes-or-lose rule: beach weddings!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Welcome 2010!

Let's start out the new year with a giveaway! Book your free consultation today, and get entered to win a free wedding planning package worth $500!!  Refer a friend and get an extra ballot!

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